Ayodola Dahunsi

The founder of W2NM, Ayodola Dahunsi is a teacher of the Word and a life enrichment coach, whose mission is to equip, inspire and empower God's people to live the lives they were born to live. Ayodola teaches principles of successful and purposeful christian living and the strong and dominant christian life available to Christians when they live in the blessing.

A passionate advocate for spirit-led development and actualization, Ayodola believes that anyone can attain personal excellence and growth in their life, marriage and career if they give the word of God first place in their lives and as they intentionally develop and uses their strengths. Ayodola’s faith is that W2NM will complete to the last detail all that God has assigned it to do (John 17:4-5). Ayodola is married to her husband of over 26 years. Together they are blessed with two young adult sons, and live in beautiful Alberta, Canada.

Our Purpose

To use faith based teaching and coaching to ignite the passion of God’s people to find, follow and fulfil God’s purpose for their lives, in the ministry, in the market place and in their marriages.

What We Do

The mission of this ministry is for all of us, to carry out our servant assignment of discipling the nations through every available medium, empowering God’s people to pursue their dreams as they realize their passion, purpose and potential. As we serve the nations, it is also our priviledge to serve you.”
—Ayodola Dahunsi

What We See

We see the anointing canopy over a people
We see a people called to a servant assignment
We see servants with a passion for God and His people
We see a passion that goes beyond the borders of their lives
We see borders that stretches into nations
We see nations of people, like rivers of water
We see people like deer coming to the waters
We see the waters, the water of His Word  
We see the Word, restore, build, create
We see God’s people loosed, restored, inspired 
We see inspired people stirred up 
We see stirred people become passionate 
We see passionate people discover purpose 
We see purpose birth God’s plan for His people
We see each one run a race; a race of faith; a course to fulfill 
We see these people stand strong 
We see an army We see an army, an end time army mighty in the Lord  
We see this army, dominate and live in the blessing 
What do we see? We see the ignition point We see W2NM

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